Friday, April 18, 2014

Look of the Day: Powder Blues

fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara1 fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara2 fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara3 fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara_4 fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara_5 fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara_6 fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara_7

I hope you guys are not sick of this jacket yet,this last month it's become my go-to piece, probably because if offers endless styling possibilities and looks good with pretty much anything. This time I decided to pair it with neutral blacks and whites and a pair of shoes that's been waiting to be worn for about a year!! I gotta sort out my shoe boxes in case there are more hidden treasures :)

I'm wearing:

Jacket - Zara
Shirt - Sheinside (similar one here)
Jeans -  Asos
Bag - Marc B
Shoes - New Yorker (similar ones here)
Watch - Michael Kors

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Look of the Day: New Life to Old Things

IMG_0272 IMG_0252 IMG_0261 IMG_0271 IMG_0263 IMG_0328

Sometimes I feel bad for the clothes that I don't wear much because they are no longer "it" or there's a little detail that I don't like about them. Like, for example, this turtleneck that's too theatrical fore everyday life, or these joggers that are a bit too jogger-y. I took these two to a tailor and ended up with a cool neoprene jacket that I'll wear more than once and trendy loose leather pants that are so perfect for those effortless combos. Do you guys ever do that to your clothes?

I'm wearing:

Jacket - custom made
Pants - custom made (similar ones here and here)
Bag - H&M
Heels - Zara (similar ones here)

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Something About Me

drop_crotch_personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_zara_outfit_lace_up_peep_toe_boots_blazer_cool_elegant_outfit1 drop_crotch_personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_zara_outfit_lace_up_peep_toe_boots_blazer_cool_elegant_outfit2 drop_crotch_personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_zara_outfit_lace_up_peep_toe_boots_blazer_cool_elegant_outfit3 drop_crotch_personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_zara_outfit_lace_up_peep_toe_boots_blazer_cool_elegant_outfit4 drop_crotch_personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_zara_outfit_lace_up_peep_toe_boots_blazer_cool_elegant_outfit5 drop_crotch_personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_zara_outfit_lace_up_peep_toe_boots_blazer_cool_elegant_outfit6
Wearing: Blazer - Oasap | Pants - Zara | Top - Warehouse | Heels - Zara | Bag - H&M | Watch - stolen from my bf

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your week is off to a great start. I'm extremely grateful for all the attention and appreciation you're sending my way in your comments and messages and I'd love to find out more about you, crazy people reading my blog. Today I thought I'd share with you five random facts about me and I hope you'll do the same in the comment section! Here we go:

1. I'd never buy myself a Chanel 2.55 or a Birkin bag, even if it cost $100.
2. I'm a firm believer in karma, I'll never let myself do something bad intentionally.
3. My left shoulder is slightly higher than the right one because I always carry my shoulder bags on it. Go on, check my pictures to see for yourself, I know you want to :D
4. Whenever I feel sad or angry I watch Friends, these guys instantly lift my mood.
5. I haven't eaten meat since January 1 and it feels great!

*Also sometimes I'm still into drop crotch, don't judge me!

I'm dying to know something random about you, are you a horror movie addict, do you wash your hands 20 times a day,  would you kill for a particular pair of shoes? xD Your turn to spill it!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Fashion Agony x Girissima

title copy IMG_8762 copy IMG_8805 IMG_8776 IMG_8750 IMG_8789 IMG_8755 copy IMG_8799 IMG_8772 IMG_8809

Just recently I discovered a very cool aussie brand called Cameo, it's aesthetics is right up my alley, the designs are just the right amount of edgy and trendy and I love the fact that the clothes look designer without the heavy price tags. So anyways, when Girissima, a cool Portuguese online store, approached me to create a look from the clothes they carry I knew at once I want to wear head to toe Cameo. I fell in love with the crackled effect top and with the cut and juiciness of this orange skirt, a white blazer is classics that my closet seemed to miss.

I hope you guys like this look and do check out both the store and the brand, there are loads of beautiful and affordable items.

I'm wearing:

Blazer - Cameo via Girissima
Top - Cameo via Girissima
Skirt -  Cameo via Girissima
Heels - Cynthia Rowley(similar styles here and here)
Bag - Marc B
Necklace - Zara (similar one here)

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Look of the Day: Stripes & Wide Legs

title personal_style_fashion_blog_ukraine_outfit_stripes_crop_top_wide_pants_Ukraine personal_style_fashion_blog_ukraine_outfit_stripes_crop_top_wide_pants personal_style_fashion_blog_ukraine_outfit_stripes_crop_top fashion_blog_ukraine_outfit_stripes_crop_top_wide_pants personal_style_blog_ukraine_outfit_stripes_crop_top_wide_pants personal_fashion_blog_ukraine_outfit_stripes_crop_top_wide_pants fashion_blog_ukraine_outfit_stripes_crop_top_wide_pants- personal_style_elegant_street_style_outfit_stripes_crop_top_wide_pants

I'm all for simplicity in outfits but this outfit seems to be too simple, even for me :) I don't recall when I last wore as little as two items at once, obviously the weather facilitated, but also I felt like these pants and the stripey crop top wouldn't need any other company. So excited that the season of two-pieces has finally arrived!

I'm wearing:

Top - Sheinside (similar ones here and here)
Pants - Asos (lots of other options in this post)
Bag - H&M
Heels - Zara (similar ones here and here, metallic heels - here and here)
Watch - Michael Kors

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