Thursday, April 24, 2014

Look of the Day: Clockwork Orange

personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_europe_denim_jacket_mini_skirt_orange_heels_tropical_print_Nika_Huk1 personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_europe_denim_jacket_mini_skirt_orange_heels_tropical_print_Nika_Huk2 personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_europe_denim_jacket_mini_skirt_orange_heels_tropical_print_Nika_Huk3 personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_europe_denim_jacket_mini_skirt_orange_heels_tropical_print_Nika_Huk4 personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_europe_denim_jacket_mini_skirt_orange_heels_tropical_print_Nika_Huk5 personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_europe_denim_jacket_mini_skirt_orange_heels_tropical_print_Nika_Huk6 personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_europe_denim_jacket_mini_skirt_orange_heels_tropical_print_Nika_Huk7 personal_style_fashion_blog_Ukraine_europe_denim_jacket_mini_skirt_orange_heels_tropical_print_Nika_Huk8

Another look with this gorgeous Cameo skirt I previously wore here. This time I wanted to style it in a bit more casual way so I threw on my new oversized denim jacket with cute pocket details on the back, and of course, my  favorite heels at the moment.
The same colored buses were such a lucky coincidence, we turned around the corner to find a nice place to shoot, and there they were, matching the colors of my outfit in such a cool way :)

I'm wearing:

Denim jacket - Front Row
Shirt - Asos
Skirt - Cameo via Girissima
Heels - River Island
Watch - Michael Kors
Bag - Asos


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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New In: Lemon Heels


Finally the weather outside cooperates and I can start wearing these lemon print River Island pumps as much as I want! I got them a couple weeks ago and already wore them once, surprisingly, they turned out to be extremely comfy for their height. Will show you the outfit tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Cravings: 10 Trendy Tops for Spring

Happy Easter everyone!I don't know about you, but I'm head over heels with this season's trends so I figured I'll share some of them on the bloggie. My current favorite trends are obviously pastels, logomania, botanical prints, contrast collars and crop tops, but how cool is it when an item is a mix of two trends at the same time? 

What trends will you give a shot this season?
 1. Motel | 2. Ichiban | 3. Asos
 1.  Asos | 2. Warehouse | 3. Asos
1. Asos | 2. Kiss The Sky | 3. Asos | 4. Asos

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Look of the Day: Powder Blues

fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara1 fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara2 fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara3 fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara_4 fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara_5 fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara_6 fashion_personal_style_blog_pastel_leather_jacket_white_shirt_black_skinny_jeans_street_style_blogger_outfit_look_zara_7

I hope you guys are not sick of this jacket yet,this last month it's become my go-to piece, probably because if offers endless styling possibilities and looks good with pretty much anything. This time I decided to pair it with neutral blacks and whites and a pair of shoes that's been waiting to be worn for about a year!! I gotta sort out my shoe boxes in case there are more hidden treasures :)

I'm wearing:

Jacket - Zara
Shirt - Sheinside (similar one here)
Jeans -  Asos
Bag - Marc B
Shoes - New Yorker (similar ones here)
Watch - Michael Kors

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Look of the Day: New Life to Old Things

IMG_0272 IMG_0252 IMG_0261 IMG_0271 IMG_0263 IMG_0328

Sometimes I feel bad for the clothes that I don't wear much because they are no longer "it" or there's a little detail that I don't like about them. Like, for example, this turtleneck that's too theatrical fore everyday life, or these joggers that are a bit too jogger-y. I took these two to a tailor and ended up with a cool neoprene jacket that I'll wear more than once and trendy loose leather pants that are so perfect for those effortless combos. Do you guys ever do that to your clothes?

I'm wearing:

Jacket - custom made
Pants - custom made (similar ones here and here)
Bag - H&M
Heels - Zara (similar ones here)

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